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Team Secret besejrede Entity, og Talon Esports har stadig chancer for en plads i slutspillet i The International 2022


The penultimate gaming day of The International 2022 group stage is coming to an end. While the teams are finishing the last series of matches, we will briefly talk about who won the next 5 matches. You can find the results of previous matches in the relevant news.

Team Secret vs Entity

On the first map, Puppey and the team from the very beginning of the meeting began to gain superiority over Entity. After the 19th minute, Entity regularly lost 3 or more heroes. Team Secret opened the score in the series in the 33rd minute with a score of 30:13.

The teams got off to a good start. Entities do First Blood at 9 minutes, killing Nisha in the mid lane. After that, Team Secret killed 5 enemy heroes in 5 minutes. Nisha on Lina competed in terms of farming with Arc Warden and Naga Siren of the Entity team. Secret continued to move Stormstormer and the team. At the 30th minute, Puppey and his teammates tried to enter the high ground of the opponent on the top lane, but Entity managed to fight back. The score on the map was 16:3. Secret had over 12,000 gold benefits. 33 minutes was enough for Team Secret to double the score in the series.

Fnatic vs Talon Esports

Derby representatives of Southeast Asia. Fnatic managed to force Talon Esports to compete on the first map. The half of the game between the teams remained relatively equal, but after the 35th minute 23savage and his teammates tipped the scales in their favor. Talon Esports outplayed the opponent with a score of 39:32.

The second map of Talon Esports was won somewhat easier. For 18 minutes, the teams could not determine the favorite in the confrontation. After that, Fnatic began to make mistakes and could not oppose anything to ALWAYSWANNAFLY's wards. By the end of the match, Talon's gold lead was 33,000. At the 41st minute, Talon Esports forced their colleagues from the region to write “gg” in the chat.

Team Spirit vs Tundra Esports

Tundra Esports defeated the reigning world champions Team Spirit on two fairly similar maps. Miposhka and the team made a total of 26 kills, Spirit is not having the best day at the tournament. It is worth noting the game Skiter on the first map. The player performed at Lifestealer with a 13-0-8 statistic.

Beastcoast vs TSM

Beastcoast also secured a solid win over the North American rival. Both maps lasted over 30 minutes. The Bolivian player Wisper distinguished himself. On the second map, Ember Spirit in his performance finished with a result of 16-1-13, K1 and Chris Luck also played well.

Team Aster vs. Thunder Awaken

Thunder Awaken won the first map. They were able to impose their pace on the main favorites of their group and beat them in 24 minutes. The result on the map is 33:11. The second half of the series turned out to be more interesting. The Peruvians actively resisted Team Aster. But after the 34th minute, Monet and his teammates finally tipped the scales in their favor. In the 40th minute, Thunder Awaken gave up at 17:31.

Matcher historie: The International 2022: Group Stage

Entity(dota2)Entityeu1.652:0Bo3Talon Esports(dota2)Talon Esportsid2.352
The International 2022: Group Stage
BOOM(dota2)BOOMid1.811:0Bo1BetBoom Team(dota2)BetBoom Teamru2.09
The International 2022: Group Stage
The International 2022: Group Stage
Team Secret(dota2)Team Secreteu2.032:0Bo2Talon Esports(dota2)Talon Esportsid5.8
The International 2022: Group Stage
The International 2022: Group Stage

Recall that The International 2022 runs from October 15 to 30 this year. The top 20 teams from around the world compete in LAN format for the title of world champion, as well as the largest prize pool of the year. At the moment, its amount is $16,446,608. The venue is Suntec Singapore and Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore.

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