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Bedste chance Gen.G for at vinde en titel og deres finale mod T1 stabilitet og erfaring

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T1 vs. Gen.G Esports inLCK Summer 2022 Finals . One quick look at the team tags featured in the title of this Grand Finals could stir up excitement for anyone who's been even a little bit into League of Legends esports lately. Who will be the winner this time?

Enough pathos. Let's move on to the analysis of these two teams and the upcoming series of games together.

Gen.G's best chance to earn the title and their final against T1 stability and experience. Photo 1

A Brief History ofT1vsGen.G

Since their appearance on the big stage, Gen.G, still known as KSV eSports in their first year, bought a slot on the LCK from Samsung Galaxy and immediately managed to get into the LCK Spring 2018 playoffs. But the success of the newly minted team in their first split was overshadowed by SK Telecom T1, knocking out Gen.G in the first round. Since then, a close rivalry has begun between the teams.

If anyone is interested and suddenly not lazy to open the playoff statistics for Gen.G Esports, the red T1 logo will immediately catch your eye. Very often, Gen.G stumbled over them in the playoffs as a kind of “showstopper”.

In general, the teams played each other 34 times, 24 of which left with a victory for T1. Statistics, history - no more, some will say. But still, T1 does not take away the titanic experience in the industry.

Gen.G's best chance to earn the title and their final against T1 stability and experience. Photo 2

T1 are insecure and out of shape

Yes it is. It's absolutely no secret to anyone that T1 has now lost a lot in their form. But, here it is worth understanding that everything is known in comparison. They got worse only with an eye to the LCK Spring 2022 split, which they played almost perfectly.

Otherwise, T1 remain the same T1, which many love and praise. Still a very small number of teams can cope or even oppose anything at all. The only three losses this summer were to Gen.G, Liiv SANBOX and Kwangdong Freecs. Surprised only by the latter.

If anyone has closely followed South Korea’s esports media and the LCK separately, they will be able to remember how the T1 players themselves were very unhappy with their own game at the beginning of the split, very upset that they “have to play from a comeback, where this could have been prevented”. And Choi “ Zeus ” Woo-je, the team's top liner, admitted in one of the interviews that he was disappointed with his game and did not play well.

Gen.G's best chance to earn the title and their final against T1 stability and experience. Photo 3

But as we can see, in the end, Zeus became the top 3 MVP of the group stage and the best top laner in Korea according to many. So, it’s not bad to doubt your game, it’s bad not to notice mistakes.

So writing off T1 from the accounts is not something that is early, but categorically impossible.

Gen.GEsports and their key to victory

It's no exaggeration to say that this summer regular seasonhas been the best ever for Gen.G. Yes, they have one loss in the series against T1 and are 17-1 on matchdays when T1 went all 18-0 in the spring. But even with one defeat in the Bo3 series, their game score is even clearer than T1's in the last split: 35-5 to 36-7.

It would seem that the numbers do not differ so much. But if you think about it, such a small number of games given away, even with a loss in one of the series, means that Gen.G is meeting a lot less resistance and their strategies are working.

Gen.G's best chance to earn the title and their final against T1 stability and experience. Photo 4

But there are few strategies, drafts and team ideas. The performance of each of the players on the roster is absolutely phenomenal and competitive. ADK Ruler is on top right now, Chovy is no doubt a worthy opponent for the legendary Faker. What is it about if 4 out of 5 Gen.G players are on the All-LCK team. The best in their roles! The only exception was the monster T1 Zeus, which moved Doran to second place.

What to expect from the final series?

The only thing that can be said with absolute certainty about this Bo5 series is that it will definitely not be boring. Although, according to many esports analysts and bookmakers, Gen.G Esports looks better now, but the strengths of the teams are as equal as possible. More than once it happened that Gen.G finished the group stage perfectly, but always did not push very, very little to become the first. And then there is T1 with their colossal experience.

The style of play of both teams is in a balanced game and a possible exit to the late game. But even so, their comfort zone for ending the map with a victory is up to 25 minutes. Given the similar dynamics on both sides, I would bet most games are 30+ minutes each with few kills.

The fight will begin at the draft stage, because both teams will claim the same picks, given the meta: Azir, Zeri, Gnar, Ahri, Wukong, Poppy. But Yummi is very likely to relax in the bath all the games.

Comparing strengths and weaknesses, it is worth noting that Gen.G will most likely try to play through their botlane and Ruler. At the same time, T1 prefer midlane and jungle, and don't forget about Zeus. However, the current meta is very supportive of ADC play.

If Gen.G Esports has a chance to get the title and the championship, this is the moment.

The final will start in 4 hours! Don't miss this legendary clash of the titans of the Korean League of Legends. Experience versus talent. Kings vs Rising Stars.

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