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Match forudsigelse: Bilibili Gaming - Top Esports | LoL

LPL Spring 2024 - Playoffs
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Bilibili Gaming Vil vinde

Welcome to EGamersWorld.

The spring season of competitive League of Legends is nearing its conclusion. We are left to watch the grand finals of the last major regional tournament, LPL Spring 2024.

The grand finals of LPL Spring 2024 will feature Bilibili Gaming and TOP Esports. Both teams will play in bo5 for the Chinese championship.

We are trying to figure out which team will be stronger and raise the LPL Spring 2024 Champions Cup over their heads.

Let's go.

BLG Form.

We open the match breakdown with an analysis of Bilibili Gaming's form. In this grand final they will play as favourites with odds to win at around 1.5.

Last season BLG broke into the top 2 of the Chinese region with lightning speed, thus clawing their way to the Mid-Season Invitational 2023. Another sensation happened at the international event: BLG made it to the grand finals, only to lose to JD Gaming.

Another plus for BLG is the roster renewed at Long Conference 2023. The club managed to assemble a top company.

  • BLG roster: Bin, XUN, knight, Elk, ON.

After a really triumphant half-year, Bilibili Gaming has not slowed down at all. The team was the first to reach the play-offs of LPL Summer 2023, and also set a local record: the only one in the history of the series finished the group stage with one defeat.

In the first match of the play-offs, TES faced off. The game was played under the dictation of vice-champions LPL Spring 2023 and BLG beat TES very confidently with a score of 3-1.

In the final of the upper grid Bilibili Gaming played against their principal rival - JD Gaming team. The reigning LPL champions left their colleagues no chance and shut down BLG with a score of 3-0.

Unlike the spring split, BLG had a slightly less confident performance in the summer. The vice-champions of the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 ended the summer split in third place, Ledgeiv in the match to advance to the LNG Esports Grand Final with a 1-3 score.

Bilibili Gaming got a pretty serious opponent in their first match at Worlds 2023. Yagao and company played against South Korea's top 3, KT Rolster, and in a 45 minute battle they were stronger.

Next up was JD Gaming and there was no way to win. However, Ledge and the first team of China, BLG got a "free" round against Fnatic, thus making the score 2-1.

BLG ran into T1 in a 2-1 basket and it didn't bode well for the Chinese club. T1 won and went on to advance, while Bilibili Gaming travelled to the net 2-2.

In the final Swiss clash, they met G2 Esports. Bilibili won 2-1, sending the first team in Europe home.

In the first round of play-offs Bilibili Gaming met Gen.G. After a rather easy 2-0, the Korean Grand equalised at 2-2, and everything was decided on the 5th map. It was decided in favour of BLG, who caught Chovy several times on Akali, and eventually sent Gen.G home empty-handed.

However, after defeating Gen.G, Bilibili Gaming failed to beat their compatriots from WBG in the match to qualify for the Worlds 2023 Grand Final.

BLG faced Royal Never Give Up in their opening match already at Demacia Cup 2023. One of the brightest teams of the group stage failed to do anything against a stronger opponent and eventually left the championship, while BLG celebrated a 3-1 victory. Ninjas in Pyjamas didn't feel Ninjas in Pyjamas in the match to reach the grand finals. Neither did they feel JD Gaming in the final itself.

As the LPL Spring 2024 regular season progressed, BLG felt more than great. They finished the league at 15-1 in the series, which gave them a pass straight into the top 4 playoffs of the LPL Spring 2024 playoffs. Their first opponent in the main stage of LPL Spring 2024 was NiP and BLG handled them with no problems. BLG played against TES in the grand finals and were stronger, winning 3-2.

The most popular BLG characters

The most popular characters in the TOP remain: Gnar (3 matches, 66% wins), Gwen (2 matches, 0% wins), Camile (2 fights, 50% wins), Renekton (2 games, 0% wins), KSante (2 matches, 0% wins).

Jungle is dominated by VI with 6 matches and 66% wins. Also peaking are Wukong (4 games, 0% wins), Nidalee (3 games, 33% wins).

Azir (3 matches, 0% wins), Ahri (2 games, 0 wins), Galio (2 matches, 2 wins), Sylas (2 matches, 50% wins) appear in the mid.

Lucian (7 matches, 57% wins), Varus (3 matches, 33% wins), Zeri (2 matches, 0 wins) pick on shooters.

The most popular support in combination with Lucian is Nami (7 games, 57% wins), Karma (2 games, 50% wins).

TES Form

We continue the analysis of the grand final with the TOP Esports form. In this match, they will play as an outsider with odds to win around 2.3.

In 2022, Top Esports finished top-2 in the domestic league twice, and then made two appearances at the 2022 Worlds, where they finished top-10. In the new season, the situation is slightly worse: they finished top-7 in the LPL Spring 2023, managing to qualify for the play-offs but failing to win a single game there.

  • Tes Esports roster: 369, Tian, Creme, JackeyLove, Meiko.

The group stage for TOP Esports was pleasant, but far from perfect. TES shared the top 4 of the regular season with LNG, winning 12-4 in the series.

In their first play-offs match, TES faced serious resistance from EDG. TES defeated their counterparts by a score of 3-2.

TES fell to the bottom seed after a clash with Bilibili Gaming. That match ended in a 3-1 victory for the latter. Further bad luck continued in the lower grid of LPL Summer 2023. In the match for life at the tournament TES met LNG Esports, tried to impose a fight, but were powerless, lost with a score of 1-3 and left the tournament on the 4th line.

TES later played at the LPL Regional Finals 2023, where they tried to make it to the Worlds. Again they came up just short, as TES Ledge beat WBG 2-3, thus losing their chances of making it to Worlds 2023.

TES also had NEST 2023, where TES failed to make it out of the group, finishing 2-1. The group stage of Demacia Cup 2023 was quite easy for TOP Esports: they didn't lose a single match in Group D and easily made it to the main stage. However, in the play-offs, TES didn't have it so easy: TOP Esports lost their first play-off match to Ledgeiv JDG 2-3, which isn't too bad considering the overall condition of the teams during the last season.

TOP Esports had a very good LPL Spring 2024 regular season: the team went 13-3, thus advancing straight to the Double-Elimination stage. In their first round of play-offs, TES played against JD Gaming and easily stomped them 3-0. Next were BLG in the match for the play-offs and there unfolded a real drama with a 3-2 victory in favour of Bilibili Gaming. In the match for the LPL Spring 2024 Grand Final, TES played against JD Gaming and were outplayed for the second time.

Most Popular Top Esports Champions

KSante (7 matches, 85% wins) and Renekton (5 matches, 80% wins) remain the most popular top line selections. Sion (3 matches, 66% wins) and Darius (2 matches, 100% wins) are next.

Sejuani (9 games, 77% wins), Vi (4 games, 75% wins), Maokai (4 games, 100% wins) are ubiquitous in the forest.

Jayce (6 games, 100% wins) appears in the mid (6 games, 100% wins). Then come Azir (4 games, 75% wins), Akali (3 games, 66% wins), Sylas (3 games, 33% wins).

TES has a standard set of shooters: Lucian (6 games, 66% wins), Varus (4 games, 100% wins), Sivir (3 games, 33% wins). There is also Draven (3 games, 66% wins) and Jhin (3 matches, 66% wins).

Pool of players: Nami (6 games, 66% wins), Yuumi (4 games, 75% wins), Nautilus (4 games, 75% wins), Heimerdinger (4 games, 100% wins).

History of head-to-head meetings between TES and BLG

Over the last year TES and BLG have played each other 5 times. BLG have never lost.

Predicted result of BLG vs Top Espors at LPL Spring 2024

From this match I expect a beautiful game and a close level of performance from both sides. Both teams play great in the League and have proven it time and time again. If we talk about the winner, it is more logical to call it BLG, because they have not lost to TES for a long time.

Bottom line: BLG wins.

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Bookmakers & Statistics

Bilibili Gaming
Bilibili Gaming
Top Esports
Top Esports

I øjeblikket ser flertallet af bookmakere enstemmigt holdet Bilibili Gaming som spillets favorit med gennemsnitlige odds på en sejr i summen af 1.367. Top Esports chancer for at sejre vurderes med gennemsnitlige odds 4.113 af bookmakere.

Hvad er holdenes succeser i de sidste kampe

Sidste kampe Bilibili Gaming Top Esports
5 kampe (sejre) 5 [udevinderrate_5]
10 kampe (sejre) 10 [ude_vinder_10]

Statistikken over personlige kampe mellem hold er også vigtig for succesfulde væddemål. Konkurrenterne har afholdt 17 kampe. I disse kampe fik Bilibili Gaming 7 sejre, mens Top Esports formåede at tage 10 kampe.

Bilibili Gaming vs Top Esports: Match Prediction. 20.04.24, LoL, LPL Spring 2024 - Playoffs
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