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DRX Prediction - Fnatic

The penultimate week of the main tournament of the entire discipline - Valorant Champions 2022 - is coming to an end. Today we will move to the lower bracket, where, in the first round of the quarterfinals, there will be a meeting between representatives of Europe Fnatic, against opponents from Korea DRX. Previously, the teams did not hold face-to-face meetings, and today they will have to fight for the right to continue their journey in the tournament. Format, as before bo3.

Fnatic form

Representatives of Europe showed themselves well in the group stage, starting the tournament with a loss to 100 Thieves on three maps: Pearl (10-13), Bind (13-7), Haven (7-13). The team rehabilitated after earning two victories over FURIA Esports on Icebox (9-13), Breeze (13-7), Haven (13-11), and taking revenge on 100 Thieves on Bind (13-5), Ascent (13 -7).

The first match in the playoffs, the Oranges played against XSET, as a result of which they lost in a draw. The North American team turned out to be stronger both at their pick Pearl (13-8) and at the choice of the Europeans Fracture (13-11). After the defeat, the Orange fell into a loser, where they met with their colleagues in the region - Team Liquid, against whom they won an easy victory on Bind (13-6), Haven (13-7), eliminating the latter from the tournament.

The result of the latest matches at Valorant Champions 2022

  • Victory over 100 Thieves - 2:0
  • Victory over FURIA Esports - 2:1
  • Victory over Team Liquid - 2:0
  • Defeat by 100 Thieves - 1:2
  • Lost to XSET - 0:2

Fnatic map stats

  • Bind 76% over 63 matches
  • Haven 68% in 66 matches
  • Split 60% for 45 matches
  • Icebox 73% in 49 matches

On their maps, the team plays well for both sides: Bind almost equal values, 60% of wins in attack, against 59% in defense, Haven 59% of wins for the attack side, against 55% for the defense side, Split values equal to 53% of wins for the defense, against 53% for attack, while Icebox is dominated by attack 61% of wins, against 53% for attack.

Most played heroes in the last 60 days: Derke - Chamber (350), Raze (75), Enzo - Fade (278), Viper (101), Alfajer - Raze (193), Neon (88), Mistic - Skye (176), Breach (138), Boaster-Omen (139), Astra (139).

Form DRX

The Korean team also performed well in the group stage. Earning a victory in the opening match over FURIA Esports with additional rounds Ascent (16-14), Haven (13-4). The team met with 100 Thieves in the match of victories, and again snatched the victory thanks to additional rounds of Breeze (18-6), Fracture (13-9).

After making it to the playoffs, DRX players faced the Europeans from FunPlus Phoenix, and, being underdogs, defeated Phoenix once again thanks to additional boosts. The choice of opponents Ascent (19-17) stretched out for 12 additional rounds, and their DRX map was closed with more than a twofold advantage of Breeze (13-5). Further, the team was expected to meet with the Brazilian tops from LOUD, and despite the spectacular match on 3 maps, the matter was limited to two, with the subsequent departure of the Koreans to the loser. Having imposed a decent fight on the map of Breeze opponents (11-13), the DRX players gave away their pick to Haven (6-13) almost without resistance.

The result of the latest matches at Valorant Champions 2022

  • Victory over FURIA Esports - 2:0
  • Victory over 100 Thieves - 2:0
  • Victory over FunPlus Phoenix - 2:0
  • Defeat from LOUD - 0:2

DRX Card Statistics

  • Bind 73% over 45 matches
  • Haven 87% in 68 matches
  • Split 89% in 46 matches
  • Ascent 80% in 51 matches

On their maps, the team plays well for both sides: Bind equal values of 60% of victories for the defense side vs., Ascent 63% wins defensive vs. 58% offensive.

Most popular heroes in the last 60 days: stax - Skye (135), Fade (88), Rb - Jett (78), KAY/O (88), Zest - Sova (223), Fade (112), BuZz - Chamber (138), Jett (178), MaKo-Viper (135), Astra (107).

Match prediction

An interesting meeting should turn out, and it is very difficult to determine the winner. The Koreans have shown themselves well in past matches, closing all opponents 2-0, but for the team this is the first World Cup, in the current line-up, and at any moment something can go wrong. Orange is also doing well, with the difference that they have a lot of matches dragged on for three maps. Despite the fact that with a slight advantage, DRX are considered the favorites, for some reason I like the Europeans more.

Outcome: Fnatic win

Ifølge førende bookmakers forudsigelser er holdet DRX favorit med gennemsnitlige odds 1.713 i øjeblikket. Bookmakere anser henholdsvis Fnatic for at være outsideren i kampen med odds på en sejr i summen af ca. 3.452.

Hvad holdets præstationsstatistikker siger

Sidste kampe DRX Fnatic
5 kampe (sejre) 3 [udevinderrate_5]
10 kampe (sejre) 7 [ude_vinder_10]

Gamblere vil helt sikkert være interesserede i statistikken over personlige møder mellem holdene. Holdene spillede 0 kampe med hinanden før. I disse kampe vandt DRX 0 gange, Fnatic aktive sammensætninger af 0 sejre.