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LOUD Prediction - OpTic Gaming

So the main championship of the entire discipline Valorant Champions 2022 has come to an end. For 19 days, we have watched a lot of interesting matches with you, and today it's time to talk about the main one. In the grand final, there will be a meeting between representatives of Brazil - LOUD, against opponents from North America - OpTic Gaming. Previously, the teams met each other 5 times, as a result OpTic won 3 victories, LOUD respectively 2. Today they will again have to determine the strongest in the World Cup final. bo5 format.

Form OpTic Gaming

The team got into the tournament, having collected 1250 VCT points during the season, which ensured the players the first place in the overall standings. From the beginning of the championship, OpTic Gaming showed a confident game, finishing the group stage as favorites with two wins against LOUD (2-1), BOOM Esports (2-1).

After advancing to the playoffs, the team continued the series of victories. Team Liquid became the first opponent, and the North Americans dealt with them on three maps, Bind (13-8), Breeze (7-13), Ascent (13-8). In the next match, they were expected by colleagues from the XSET region, and the fight was also intense, Haven (13-9), Ascent (11-13), Pearl (13-8), but in the end brought FNS and the team a place in the final. The Brazilians from LOUD were expecting them there, and despite the fact that OpTic had already defeated them and were the favorites, the match ended with two merged Bind cards (10-13), the choice of opponents was completely humiliating (3-13). Then the team went to the final of the losers in order to get the opportunity to take revenge on the offenders, and they snatched this chance from DRX, earning a heavy victory on 5 maps. Bind (13-8), Breeze (13-5), Fracture (8-13), Ascent (6-13), Haven (13-10), brought the team a place in the grand final.

The result of the latest matches at Valorant Champions 2022

  • Victory over LOUD - 2:1
  • Victory over Team Liquid - 2:1
  • Victory over XSET - 2:1
  • Victory over DRX - 3:2
  • Defeat from LOUD - 0:2

OpTic Gaming Card Statistics

  • Bind 68% in 78 matches
  • Haven 63% in 60 matches
  • Split 67% in 48 matches
  • Ascent 62% in 91 matches

On their maps, the team plays better on the defensive side: Bind 60% wins in defense, vs. 54% in attack, Split 62% wins in defense, vs. the attack prevails 56%, against 52% in defense.

Most played heroes in the last 60 days: Marved - Brimstone (222), Astra (117), yay - Chamber (513), Jett (19), FNS - Viper (274), Breach (114), crashies - Sova (193), Skye (140), Victor-Neon (155), Raze (143).


The Brazilian team also qualified for the tournament by the number of VCT points, from the beginning of the season it scored 650, which ensured the team first place in the overall standings. The group stage was held in the same group B, where the future opponents were, and the Brazilians finished it on 2, defeating the Japanese from ZETA DIVISION twice (2-0), (2-0), and losing from OpTic Gaming (1-2).

After getting into the playoffs, the team began a confident winning streak. The first opponents were the Chileans from Leviatan, and were defeated dry on two maps Icebox (14-12), Haven (13-6). Following the Korean giants from DRX, they were also trampled on two maps Breeze (13-11), Haven (13-6). In the last match, they were expected by future opponents from OpTic Gaming, and even here a clear victory on Bind (13-10), Ascent (13-3), brought the Brazilians a slot in the grand final.

The result of the latest matches at Valorant Champions 2022

Victory over ZETA DIVISION - 2:0

Victory over DRX - 2:0

Victory over Leviatan - 2:0

Victory over OpTic Gaming - 2:0

Lost to OpTic Gaming - 1:2

LOUD map statistics

  • Bind 90% for 10 matches
  • Haven 82% in 11 matches
  • Ascent 95% in 19 matches
  • Icebox 83% in 12 matches

On their maps, the team plays better on the defense side: Haven equal values of 64% wins in defense, vs. 64% in attack, Ascent 75% wins in defense, vs. side of the attack, on the Bind the situation is reversed 68% of victories for the attack, against 57% for the defense.

Most popular heroes in the last 60 days: Less - Chamber (83), Viper (89), panacada - Omen (138), Brimstone (47), Sacy - Fade (146), Sova (125), aspas - Raze (133), Jett (99), saadhak - KAY/O (141), Skye (47).

Match prediction

The long-awaited meeting promises to be very interesting. For me personally, the participation of LOUD in the grand finals is a very pleasant surprise, as it assumed their elimination from DRX in the first round of the playoffs. Now the Brazilians have grown a lot compared to the last Masters Copenhagen, where they were in the role of a punching bag, and finished the tournament in 11-12th place. On the other hand, OpTic, the team became my personal favorite after the 1st round of the playoffs, when all Europeans fell into a loser, and so far it fully justifies its title. Yes, victory is often given to them with difficulty, and it drags on for 3 or even 5 maps, as it was yesterday against DRX, but the team confidently uses the opponents' problems, in particular, the Pearl map. It's hard to pick a winner as it's a 5 map game and there's a lot of pressure on the players, but I'm going to hazard a win for OpTic Gaming.

Outcome: victory for OpTic Gaming

LOUD er opført som kampens favoritter hos de fleste bookmakere, og odds på dem er lig med 1.514. OpTic Gaming er til gengæld kampens outsidere. Odds på deres sejr er omkring 4.533.

Hvordan holdene spillede i de sidste kampe

Sidste kampe LOUD OpTic Gaming
5 kampe (sejre) 4 [udevinderrate_5]
10 kampe (sejre) 7 [ude_vinder_10]

Det vil også være nødvendigt at nævne historien om ansigt-til-ansigt møder mellem modstanderne. Holdene spillede 5 kampe med hinanden før. Og LOUD vandt 2 gange, mens OpTic Gaming tilsvarende blev vinderen 3 gange.