Match forudsigelse: OpTic Gaming - XSET | VALORANT

Prediction OpTic Gaming - XSET

We continue to review the playoff matches, the main tournament of the entire Valorant Champions 2022 discipline. Today we return to the upper bracket, where the semi-finals will host a meeting between two representatives of the North American region XSEt against OpTic Gaming. Previously, the teams played in head-to-head meetings 4 times, according to the results they won OpTic three times, and XSET once. Today they will again have to reveal the strongest, in the bo3 format.

Form OpTic Gaming

The team finished the group stage as a favorite, in first place in the table. In the first match, OpTic players met with the Indonesians from BOOM Esports, and despite all the advantages, the confrontation did not end dry. After 10 additional rounds, the team lost the choice of opponents to Breeze (18-16), after which they easily closed the two remaining cards Bind (13-5), Fracture (13-3). In the next match, the formidable Brazilian tops LOUD were waiting for them, but despite 3 maps, the team managed to overcome them with Breeze (7-13), Fracture (13-10), Pearl (13-3).

After getting into the playoffs, the team met with Team Liquid, and again the match stretched over three maps. Having lost the choice of Horses to Breeze (13-7), OpTic Gaming snatched victory on the two remaining maps Bind (13-8), Ascent (13-8), and thus secured a place in the semi-finals.

The result of the latest matches at Valorant Champions 2022

  • Victory over BOOM Esports - 2:1
  • Victory over LOUD - 2:1
  • Victory over Team Liquid - 2:1

OpTic Gaming Card Statistics

  • Bind 69% in 77 matches
  • Haven 62% in 58 matches
  • Split 67% in 48 matches
  • Ascent 64% in 88 matches

On their maps, the team plays better on the defensive side: Bind 60% wins in defense vs. 54% in attack, Split 62% wins in defense vs. 49% in attack, Ascent 61% wins on defense vs. the attack prevails 56%, against 52% in defense.

Most popular heroes in the last 60 days: Marved - Brimstone (217), KAY/O (92), yay - Chamber (421), FNS - Breach (130), Viper (251), crashies - Sova (133), Skye (159), Victor-Neon (171), Raze (142).

Xset form

Like future rivals, the team finished the group stage in 1st place in the table. XSET players played their first match against the representatives of Thailand - XERXIA, and expectedly won the victory of Fracture (13-11), Icebox (13-10). In the next match, European tops from FunPlus Phoenix were waiting for them, and despite the fact that the meeting dragged on for 3 maps, it was rather boring. XSET easily took their pick of Pearl (13-7), easily gave away the pick of the opponents to Fracture (4-13), and just as easily took the last map of Breeze (13-5).

After getting into the playoffs, the team was expected by another representative of Europe - Fnatic, and the conversation with them was short. Having won on their own map Pearl (13-8) with almost a twofold advantage, the team barely coped with the Orange Fracture map (13-11). Thanks to the victory, XSET secured a place in the semi-finals of the upper bracket.

The result of the latest matches at Valorant Champions 2022

  • Victory over XERXIA - 2:0
  • Victory over FunPlus Phoenix - 2:1
  • Victory over Fnatic - 2:0

XSET map stats

  • Bind 64% in 47 matches
  • Haven 63% in 63 matches
  • Split 70% for 50 matches
  • Ascent 52% in 44 matches

On their maps, the team plays well for both sides: Bind 60% wins for the defense side, vs. 47% for the attack side, Ascent 56% wins for defense, vs. Defensively, also Split 58% wins offensively vs. 57% defensively.

Most popular heroes in the last 60 days: Bsj - Omen (115), Skye (69), AYRIN - Viper (82), Sage (65), dephh - Breach (115), KAY/O (92), Cryocells - Chamber (220), Jett (46), zekken-Neon (106), Raze (64).

Match prediction

The match should certainly be interesting, but with an obvious favorite. Despite the fact that both teams came out from the first place in their groups, OpTic Gaming is still stronger than XSET. This is evidenced by the statistics of achievements, the first have 1st and 3rd places in the Masters, in turn, the second have only once visited Copenhagen, from where they flew out in 7-8th place. In addition, the history of the meetings speaks for itself, I am sure that after this match OpTic Gaming will get the fourth victory, in the treasury of confrontations.

Outcome: victory for OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming er opført som kampens favoritter hos de fleste bookmakere, og odds på dem er lig med 1.378. XSET er til gengæld kampens outsidere. Odds på deres sejr er omkring 3.566.

Hvordan holdene spillede i de sidste kampe

Sidste kampe OpTic Gaming XSET
5 kampe (sejre) 3 [udevinderrate_5]
10 kampe (sejre) 7 [ude_vinder_10]

Statistikken over personlige kampe mellem hold er også vigtig for succesfulde væddemål. Konkurrenterne har afholdt 4 kampe. I disse kampe fik OpTic Gaming 3 sejre, mens XSET formåede at tage 1 kampe.