Match forudsigelse: Diamant Esports - Anorthosis Esports | VALORANT

Diamant Esports and Anorthosis Esports will meet in the upper bracket finals of the Valorant Balkan League - Season 3. Both teams performed well in the group stage of the championship.

But if the Slovenian team managed to find two defeats in group A, then the Greeks got ten victories and tore everyone in their path. However, here I would take a closer look at Diamant Esports, since the team is much more experienced and stable at a distance.

Diamant Esports Uniform

The 21st European team ranked second in VALORANT East: United - Stage 3 - Season Finals, after which they won the RURxVBL VALORANT Tournament and Games.CON 2022.

It is clear that all this is at the regional level, but the result is obvious. As for the performances in the group at Valorant Balkan League - Season 3, here Diamant Esports won eight victories, but at the same time lost to ZINK and 325 once.

Diamant Esports latest results:

  • Technical victory over Cyber Wolves Light.
  • Victory over ClickingHeads with a score of 13:6.
  • Technical victory over Békéscsabai E-Sport Egyesület.
  • Victory over ZINK with a score of 13:3.
  • Defeat from 325 with a score of 10:13.

Best Diamant Esports cards:

  • Breeze - 75% of wins.
  • Pearl - 67% of wins.
  • Fracture - 67% of wins.
  • Ascent - 63% of wins.
  • Haven - 53% win rate
  • Icebox - 50% win rate.

At the same time, the Slovenian team consistently refuses the Bind card.

Anorthosis Esports Uniform

The 34th team of the European ranking did not often indulge in their performances. However, back in the summer, the Greek team came fourth at VRL 2022 East: Surge Stage 2, and then won VALORANT LEGENDS ACT: SMR.

As for the group stage of Valorant Balkan League - Season 3, here Anorthosis Esports got all ten victories. But, in fairness, the team did not receive serious rivals, although it is impossible to deny the fact of success.

Anorthosis Esports latest results:

  • Victory over Ludus Gaming with a score of 13:5.
  • Victory over ACE eSports with a score of 13:8.
  • Technical victory over RedPack eSports.
  • Technical victory over Kum Gaming.
  • Victory over LANDODGERS with a score of 13:8.

Best Anorthosis Esports cards:

  • Ascent - 64% of wins.
  • Haven - 57% win rate
  • Bind - 56% of wins.
  • Icebox - 52% of wins.

In turn, the Greek team does not play Fracture and Pearl.

Diamant Esports vs Anorthosis Esports Match Statistics

As part of the current season, the teams held three meetings:

  • Anorthosis Esports won at VRL 2022 East: Surge Stage 2 with a score of 13:10.
  • Diamant Esports won at VRL 2022 East: Surge Stage 2 with a score of 13:11.
  • The victory of Diamant Esports within VRL 2022 East: Surge Stage 2 with a score of 2:0.

Since then, however, the teams have managed to shuffle their lineups.

Prediction for the match Diamant Esports — Anorthosis Esports

In general, considering all the statistics, the Greek team has little chance of winning. Therefore, in this case, I would recommend betting on the victory of the Diamant Esports team.

I øjeblikket ser flertallet af bookmakere enstemmigt holdet Diamant Esports som spillets favorit med gennemsnitlige odds på en sejr i summen af 1.459. Anorthosis Esports chancer for at sejre vurderes med gennemsnitlige odds 2.497 af bookmakere.

Hvad er holdenes succeser i de sidste kampe

Sidste kampe Diamant Esports Anorthosis Esports
5 kampe (sejre) 5 [udevinderrate_5]
10 kampe (sejre) 8 [ude_vinder_10]

Gamblere vil helt sikkert være interesserede i statistikken over personlige møder mellem holdene. Deltagerne i kampen før mødet spillede 3 kampe med hinanden. Og Diamant Esports vandt 2 gange, mens Anorthosis Esports tilsvarende blev vinderen 1 gange.